Staying in Touch

Internet and Computers

All college buildings are equipped with wireless internet. The main building also has two computer labs, where students can print for a small fee and access the internet for free. The cheapest way to make international calls is by using Skype or Gchat, but please bear in mind that the internet in Yemen is not always up to supporting video.


International and domestic calling centers are readily available throughout the city. For students who purchase a local number for a mobile phone, these can be used to dial internationally as well.  All dormitory rooms are equipped with a telephone connected to the internal phone system, and students may dial inside the YCMES campus for free. All phone calls, international and domestic, are received free of charge. If students wish to use to their in-room phones to make local or international calls, however, there is a fee.

Dormitory Contact Numbers

  • 26th September Dormitory: +967 1272 000 (followed by the room extension)
  • Guest House: +967 1272 000 (followed by the room extension)
  • Bab al-Sabah: +967 1274 250 (followed by the room extension)


Students can send letters and packages from the post office located nearby in Tahrir Square, or through services such as FedEx or DHL. UK and US students should note that, in the wake of an enterprising Yemeni sending a bomb disguised as a printer cartridge to 'The SyNagog, AmeRica', neither country currently accepts air mail packages from Yemen weighing more than 80g.

All students, however, can receive mail at YCMES. The mail service in Yemen is reliable, although packages from Europe and the USA often take more than a month to get here.  The mailing address is as follows:

  • Student’s Name
  • c/o Yemen College of Middle Eastern Studies
  • 26th September Street, Building No.83
  • P.O. Box 3671
  • Sana'a
  • Republic of Yemen

Note: There are no postal (zip) codes used in Yemen.

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