For reasons of student convenience and well-being, YCMES requires all students studying under its visa to reside in the YCMES housing facilities. This policy is based upon the college’s past experience with independent student-living, aimed at preventing the usual problems with landlords, rent, utilities, neighbor-relations, and disruptions to the student’s and college’s reputation. This policy is also much better from a security point of view, and is in line with government regulations. Exceptions can be made, but only if approved in advance.

The YCMES facilities are located on 26th of September Street near Tahrir Square, the transportation hub and commercial center of Sana’a, and are just a short walk from the Old City. The streets that meet in Tahrir are lined with hundreds of small shops, clothing stores, cafés, restaurants, street vendors, pharmacies, bookshops and banks. The main post office is located in Tahrir Square, as are the National Museum and Military Museum. With quick access to dubabs, buses and taxis in Tahrir, students are able to travel throughout the city very easily.

The college is situated between the Yemeni Parliament building and the Prime Minister’s office, making for a safe and quiet neighborhood within the city’s center. The area is famed for its gardens and is located between the Old City and the old Jewish Quarter of al-Qa’a, and next to the Guest House lie the ruins of Imam Yahya’s old palace. The Yemen College of Middle Eastern Studies has avoided creating an isolated complex; instead, it has maintained separate buildings integrated into the surrounding neighborhood. Locals around the college have been used to international students for many years, allowing for natural interaction between students and neighbors.

YCMES offers its international students comfortable shared, single and en-suite rooms at highly competitive prices. All rooms are furnished with a bed, desk, and closet for each student, and the College also provides sheets, a pillow, and a towel. Telephones and wireless internet are accessible in all rooms, and for the general safety of the residents, 24-hour guards and emergency services are provided.





The Markez: 26th September Dormitory

The six-story 26th September Dormitory is comprised of two buildings connected by our very own 'Shahara Bridge'. It contains more than 30 dormitory rooms, both single and shared, and can accommodate up to 90 students. Shared bathrooms are on each floor and there are communal kitchens on the first and top floors. Quiet study rooms, common areas, and a computer lab with 24 hour high-speed internet access and word processing (in both Arabic & English) are found on the ground floor. A wireless network provides all students with in-room connectivity, and a small gym offers students a convenient location for working-out. There are washing machines and laundry lines on the roof of the smaller building, while the top floor on the larger building contains a traditional mafraj complete with satellite TV. A large terraced roof offers a spectacular view of the city.

26th September Dormitory







Bab Al-Sabah Dormitory

The Bab Al-Sabah dormitory is a 10-minute walk from the Main College Building and is located in the old gold seller’s district on the edge of the Old City. A traditional Yemeni house from the outside, the inside has been completely modernised. It contains ten rooms accommodating up to 25 students in both single and shared rooms, and most rooms have private bathrooms. The top floor is a mafraj with satellite television and a beautiful view of the Old City. From the mafraj, residents have access to a private, outdoor roof-terrace with an eating/sitting area. The bottom floor is a fully modern shared kitchen and dining area, and washing machines and laundry lines are also provided.







Guest House

The Guest House has been converted from the servants' quarters of the Imam's palace. It is located just down the street from the 26th September Dormitory, and is used for housing professors, senior students, and other visitors. Alongside the three studio apartments, there are both single and shared rooms, most of which have private bathrooms.  On the ground floor there is a shared kitchen and living room with satellite television and computers, in addition to wireless connectivity in every room.  The Guest House also has a gym/exercise room and a beautiful garden, and washing machines and laundry lines are also provided. 

Guest House