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The Yemen College of Middle Eastern Studies is Yemen's premier destination for Arabic Language, Middle Eastern Studies, and Business English instruction. We are a fully-accredited not-for-profit college, and have provided a quality education to 9,000 students, researchers and professionals since 1989. NOTE: Due to the ongoing war in Yemen we are not currently hosting students in Sana'a. Instead we are offering our courses over the internet. Please click here for more information.     


 “I am convinced that study abroad in Yemen, and at the YCMES in particular, is a unique and possibly unparalleled experience that should not be missed.”

- Dr. Steve Caton, YCMES Advisory Dean and Professor of Contemporary Arab Studies at Harvard University.

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15/11/2016, 22:10
workshopsSabri Saleem, founder of YCMES, is currently based in Germany. As well as running the YCMES Distance Learning Programme, he is providing the following...
15/11/2016, 21:56
distance-learningGreat news! Despite the security situation, YCMES has a number of highly experienced instructors both in Yemen and abroad who are champing at the bit to...